Fairytale Marketing 7 Magical Discoveries by Grant A. Johnson
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Fairytale Marketing Reviews

Interested in learning more? Read about what others had to say about Fairytale Marketing:

Marketing Happily Ever After - via DirectMag.com

“Once upon a time…' isn't the usual opening line of a marketing book. But then “Fairytale Marketing: 7 Magical Discoveries” isn't your typical marketing book."... Read more.

Johnson Direct's Grant Johnson on the Magic of Measurable Marketing - via Inside Direct Mail

"In this uncertain economy and with so many businesses looking for better ways to market themselves through the mail and other channels, could there be a better time to make the case for direct marketing versus traditional advertising?"... Read more.

What's Buried in Grant's Tome - via DirectMag.com

"So what kind of a yarn does Grant Johnson spin in 'Fairytale Marketing'? The story concerns one Fairy Tale (or, as readers come to know him, F.T.) Prince, a young marketing student who's clever enough to know what he doesn't know."... Read more.

Grant Johnson's business fable book is no fairytale- via Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

"Milwaukee's Grant Johnson, founder and president of the Brookfield-based Johnson Direct marketing and branding firm, is known nationally as a guru of marketing. He speaks and writes across the country on the principals of direct marketing, what he calls "marketing you can measure," blogs for the Big Fat Marketing Blog and is on the editorial advisory board for Inside Direct Mail magazine. He was 2000's Wisconsin Direct Marketer of the Year and still, he doesn't like to refer to himself as an expert. Why not? "Because an ex is a has-been and a pert is a squirt under pressure," he quips."... Read more.

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